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Top 10 IT Companies In India

The top 10 IT companies in India and top management consulting firms in India are as follows:

Company Bench Services

Company Bench Services was founded in 2012 and its headquarters are located in Pune, India. This firm provides exceptional services and professionals on a part-time and full-time basis. They have highly experienced and talented software developers who will aid their clients till the very end. Company bench focuses on the requirements and demands of their clients and fulfills them. They follow time management and discipline very carefully. With full-time assistance, the clients are aware of every little detail. They provide nothing but the best, the best, and skillful developers and services.

Techila Global Services

Techila global services are a technology and consulting firm whose offices are located in the US and India founded in 2012. They craft mobile digital solutions and custom cloud-based software for companies. They aim at creating exceptional value for their customers by holding on to digital media, mobile technology, the talent of their employees, and the internet. They have more than a decade old experience in this industry. They are known to customize the salesforce CRM development services according to the requirements and needs of their clients. With Techila, you stay connected and up-to-date with the latest technological trends that improve business procedures and development.

Tata Consultancy Services

Tata consultancy was founded in 1968 with headquarters in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India, and is a consultancy provider multinational IT company. In terms of revenue figures, it is the largest Indian IT company as of 2020 and the largest campus of tata consultancy services is in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. The services that they provide are cyber security, analytics, and insights, digital engineering, automation, cognitive business operations, Blockchain, consulting, etc. they are focused on several industries such as banking and finance, insurance, manufacturing, retail, education, travel, and hospitality, etc. Tata consultancy is in fourth place in India right after India Post, Indian Railways, and Indian Army to have the most employees.


Infosys is a multinational next-generation information technology public company that gives outsourcing services and business consultancy in the market that was founded in 1981. They enable customers in more than fifty countries to handle their digital transformation. This company is known to provide services to various domains and industries such as education, finance, healthcare, agriculture, automotive, media and entertainment, oil and gas, public sector, utilities, travel, hospitality, etc. The well-known services they give to the market are digital marketing, data analytics, cloud, cyber security, engineering, and many more.


One of the most innovating and leading IT companies in India is Wipro founded in the year 1945. They have expertise in IT services and consulting. They help customers with their comprehensive portfolio, deep technological ability, and a great business model. They harness the power of robotics, hyper-automation, cognitive computing, cloud, current technology, and analytics to make their clients used to the digital world. They associate with a wide range of industries such as aerospace and defense, education, banking, healthcare, communications, and several more.

HCL Technologies

HCL was founded in 1976 and its headquarters are located in Noida, Utter Pradesh. It is now an Indian multinational company that provides services and consultancy in the market. With a vast division in sectors such as logistics and hospitality, finance and banking, telecommunication, aerospace, transportation, chemical and process industries, and many more. The operations of HCL are around fifty countries like India, France, China, Australia, Japan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Denmark, etc. The services, products, and technology they provide are built on four decades of hard work and innovation with a strong culture of risk-taking and invention. They are also the top hiring consultants in India.

(If you are searching for a firm that has outstanding results and helps diverse clients, then Company Bench Services is your only great option because they have the best developers with enormous talent and confidence and are excellent in providing consultation to different businesses.)

Tech Mahindra

Tech Mahindra was founded in 1986 and has its headquarters in Pune. This multinational IT firm is an expert in providing consultancy, IT services, and outsourcing. They also help in solving various complex and complicated business issues. The operations of this company are in almost every big city like Noida, Chennai, Bangalore, Gurgaon, Mumbai, etc. not just in India, they also operate in some parts of Africa, Asia, South and North America, Europe, and Australia. The portfolio of services that they provide range from testing services, network services, SAP, telecom product engineering, infrastructure and cloud services, and many more.


Accenture is an Ireland-based IT company founded in 1989 that specializes and aims in providing outsourcing, IT, and consulting services throughout the world. The main services they handle are operations services, business strategies, mobility, analytical services, management, and consultancy. They also have impeccable technological laboratories to put all their energy into upgrading technologies. They combine intelligence, unmatched expertise, and innovation to create long-lasting trust and value for their clients and communities. They are one of the top 10 IT outsourcing companies in India.


This is an American-Indian IT company founded in 1998 based in Bangalore, India. The company is set to acquire Digital Risk LLC, Blink UX, Navion Software, and several more. They provide various services such as cognitive, digital, application, product engineering, cyber security, Blockchain, etc. These services are widespread in several industries like banking-capital markets, insurance, hospitality, payments, communications, logistics, manufacturing, and many more. It is expanded in Hyderabad, Noida, Bangalore, Mumbai, Chennai, Pune, and various such cities. They also operate in 19 countries with delivery in Japan, Singapore, India, Indonesia, the UK, North America, etc.

Redington Limited

Redington limited was founded in 1993 with its headquarters located in Tamil Nadu. This Indian IT firm provides consultancy, logistics, supply chain solutions, and solutions to difficult business issues. The company started with the distribution of HP peripherals and gradually added new services and products to their selling list, with only 25 dealers and 5 employees. At present, the company has about 1800 employees and dealers all over the globe. In more than 37 markets except for India such as South Asian regions, Middle East, Africa, and Turkey. They also hire app developers in India.


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