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How to Set Up a Google Remarketing Campaign: A to Z

Research suggests that handiest around 2 to 4 percent of internet site visits result in conversions.

Stats like that may be frightening. Or they can be the motivation you want to gas your advertising and marketing efforts.


There are a number of ways to no longer handiest get clients on your website online however also to persuade them to take action. One such manner is going for walks a remarketing marketing campaign on the Google Ads network.

But, first, what is remarketing?

Remarketing campaigns are designed to show commercials to capacity clients who visited your site or used your cell app. It’s an powerful approach that allows you to stay connected to your target market while building emblem consciousness.


In this publish, we’re going to attention on a way to deliver capacity clients back in your website online.

We’ll cowl how to set up a Google remarketing campaign so that you can reap most reach on your target market. By the stop of this submit, you have to have the capabilities to installation a remarketing marketing campaign in an effort to generate superb effects.

Let’s get commenced.

The Different Remarketing Campaigns

Google offers two simple sorts of remarketing campaigns on its show and search advertisements community:

Customer Match list for Google Ads

Google Ads remarketing audiences


Customer Match listing for Google Ads shall we brands without delay upload their customers’ electronic mail addresses into Google Ads. Google then fits those electronic mail addresses to Google Chrome accounts in order that manufacturers can target these customers while they may be signed in. Chrome customers can decide out of receiving Customer Match advertisements or tailored commercials, but they’re nonetheless a famous preference with marketers.

Not everybody can get entry to this remarketing marketing campaign, however.

You are simplest allowed to publish emails you acquire thru first-birthday celebration records and now not from an e mail listing you’ve offered. In different phrases, customers have to have willingly given you their statistics.


Email lists need to also comply with your usa or vicinity’s statistics protection guidelines, just like the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). You’ll additionally need to achieve cookie consent from users earlier than using cookies for your marketing campaigns.

There also are limits on what you may do whilst you run these campaigns. For instance, you could’t:

Display ads with in my opinion identifiable records

Upload statistics for users under 13

Advertise products in terms of sensitive non-public records

Abuse Google’s advert regulations

Google Ads remarketing audiences will let you goal particular groups of users who have formerly visited your web page or app.

Understanding Your Remarketing Goals

In standard, there are 3 sorts of remarketing campaigns that you might need to run.


Campaigns aimed toward individuals who did now not take a positive action on a page: Generating leads from those who did now not opt in to your landing pages.

Campaigns aimed at those who reached a sure page inside your checkout method but did now not whole their buy: Converting folks that abandon carts.

Campaigns for humans who’ve now not visible a web page that you’d like them to peer: Promoting content or other pages in your web page.

It is critical which you recognise precisely what action you need your capacity consumer to take whilst exposed in your remarketing campaign.


When you recognize that, you may then go about the subsequent:

Deciding which pages have to contain your remarketing tags.

Choosing a network and finding out how to attain your target market on that community.

Understanding the way to create ads tailored to your target audience.

Creating custom pages dedicated to the audiences that you’re remarketing to.

Knowing how you may tackle each of these details is crucial if you need to achieve most useful outcomes along with your remarketing campaigns.

Creating a Remarketing List

If you’re the usage of Google Ads remarketing audiences to create a remarketing campaign, you’ll need to put in a remarketing tag and create a remarketing list.

You can use both Google Ads or Google Analytics tracking to run your Google remarketing marketing campaign. It doesn’t be counted which, but it does matter that you set up your chosen approach efficiently.

You can set up Google Ad tagging via heading to Tools > Google Tag.


If you operate one of the following internet site developers, Google offers pre-constructed set up configurations:










If not, you could manually insert the tag into your internet site through putting it after the <head> tag of every web page on your website online.

You can use Google Analytics monitoring to create a remarketing list within the device.

For Universal Analytics, you locate your monitoring code via going to Admin > Property View > Tracking Info > Tracking Code.

In Google Analytics 4 (GA4), even though, this has changed. To get your tracking code, you want to take the subsequent steps:


Sign into your Google Analytics account and navigate to the favored assets.

Click at the “Admin” tab positioned on the decrease-left nook of the page.

In the “Property” column, click on “Data Streams.”

You will see a list of data streams related to your property. Find the records move for that you want to reap the monitoring code and click on it.

Under the “Measurement ID” segment, you will find the tracking code. It might be a string of numbers and characters starting with “G-“.

As some other observe, in GA4, you can link your Google Analytics and Google Ads bills the usage of the steps beneath:

Once you’ve hooked up your remarketing tag, you could begin creating a remarketing list. Here’s how this works in GA4:


Log into your Google Ads account, then navigate to “Tools & Settings” (the wrench icon) in the upper-right corner.

Under the “Shared Library” phase, click on “Audience Manager.”

In the Audience Manager, click on the blue “+” button to create a brand new target market.

Choose the option “Website site visitors” to create a remarketing target market based on customers visiting your internet site.

Give your audience a call and select the traits or situations that the target audience ought to meet. These can encompass unique web page visits, activities, or other standards.

If desired, you may use Google’s suggested alternatives to pre-populate your target market based on sure behaviors or pursuits. This can assist amplify the reach of your remarketing list.

Set the membership period, which determines how lengthy a person stays within the target audience after meeting the required criteria. Choose a length that aligns along with your marketing goals (e.G., six months).

Finally, click on “Create” to finalize the target market advent procedure.


Here’s facts approximately target market segments from Google if you want to research more.

Then click Remarketing and click at the blue + button.

Click “Customer list,” choose a call, and then pick out “Upload Emails, Phones.”

Upload a simple text information file.

Set a club duration (I suggest around six months if you’re no longer positive).

Check the field that announces you’ve accrued the statistics in keeping with Google’s guidelines.

Then, ultimately, upload and keep your list.

Setting Up a Remarketing Campaign

Now which you have your remarketing lists installation, you could create a remarketing marketing campaign.


Head to your Google Ads account and click the + button within the top left-hand corner to create a brand new campaign.

Then follow those steps:

Choose “Create a marketing campaign without a intention’s steerage.”

Choose Display in your campaign type.

Enter your goal URL (the web page site visitors will go to after clicking on your advertisements)

Give your marketing campaign a call.

Then follow Google’s guided step-via-step commands to create your campaign. You’ll want to pick the region, the campaign’s language, a price range, and the type of traffic you want to target.

Finally, it’s time to create your advertisements. You have three options here:


Use Google’s responsive display ads

Upload your own commercials

Copy commercials from an present campaign

You’ll also need to make sure any commercials meet Google’s advert requirements. For example:

Animations can’t ultimate longer than 30 seconds

Images should meet quality standards

Images can’t resemble web site warnings or mistakes messages

If you don’t have any show commercials available and don’t want to pay a photo designer in your first marketing campaign, just use Google’s responsive show commercials.

All you need to do is add pix (Google can endorse a few for you), upload your emblem, and create headline and body reproduction alternatives. Google looks after the entirety else.

Here’s an instance of what they can appear like courtesy of Wordstream:

Once you’re done, hit “Create marketing campaign” to launch your remarketing marketing campaign.


Best Practices for Google Remarketing

Creating a Google remarketing campaign isn’t as difficult because it appears. But that doesn’t suggest you can’t by chance make a mistake. Ensure your first marketing campaign receives off to the excellent begin viable by using following these best practices.

Make Sure Your Tagging is Correct

Incorrect tagging is one of the maximum not unusual motives remarketing campaigns fail. If you aren’t tracking site visitors, you won’t be able to create an accurate remarketing list.

You can make sure you have either tracking code hooked up effectively via downloading the Tag Assistant for Conversions Chrome extension.

Open up your internet site and run the assistance. If the setup is correct, your result must appear to be this:

Clearly Define Your Goals

Remarketing campaigns paintings properly after they have a outstanding specific aim. Sure, you can use them to generate huge emblem consciousness, but remember that you are targeting users who’ve already interacted with your internet site. It’s better to attention on converting site visitors into clients, encouraging them to download a particular piece of content material, or getting them to go back to their deserted purchasing cart.

Create or Update Your Privacy Policy

Google recommends that any website sporting out remarketing campaigns should be obvious about its marketing efforts.

Here’s what my website says, for instance:


Not sure what you have to include in your privacy coverage? Google has you blanketed with these privacy pointers.

Stop Ads From Showing on Inappropriate Content

You likely don’t want your ads showing on each internet site, in case you know what I imply. Luckily, you could exclude positive web site classes in Google Ads to save you your brand from being related to inappropriate content material.

Simply observe these commands:

In precise, I’d recommend you exclude adult web sites, parked domains, and error pages.


Change How Long Users Stay on Your List

While you have got the option of retaining users for your remarketing list for as much as 540 days, I don’t endorse doing so. That’s nearly  years of your brand following them round at the internet. The fact is that in the event that they haven’t transformed after six months or so, they in all likelihood in no way will.

Tracking Your Remarketing Campaign Success

Of course, every marketing campaign wishes to have its fulfillment tracked so that it will make sure it’s acting properly. Here are some steps you may take to start a monitoring program:

Define Campaign Goals: Start through sincerely defining the goals of your remarketing marketing campaign. This could consist of metrics ranging from high-value engagement metrics to conversions.

Set Up Conversion Tracking: Implement conversion tracking to degree the desired moves taken by using users who have formerly engaged for your site or together with your content.

Audience Insights: Refine your focused on and messaging to higher hook up with your audience.

Attribution Models: Select the model that offers a complete view of the effect of your remarketing efforts.

Monitor and evaluate KPIs: Analyze records, perceive tendencies, and make data-pushed optimizations based on overall performance.

With this perception, you’ll be capable of song the success of your campaign from inside Google Ads. But in case you need to take matters a step in addition, then strive adding UTM codes for your touchdown page URLs so that you can tune which campaigns are sending site visitors in your website online.

How to Refine Your Google Remarketing Campaign

Getting your first marketing campaign up and walking is simply the start. Take your remarketing efforts to the following degree with the aid of following my advice underneath on refining and optimizing your campaigns shifting forward.


Manage Your Budget Better With Exclude Lists

Running out of finances sooner than you expected can be a real kick inside the teeth, mainly if you are nonetheless locating your manner with remarketing. The top news is which you don’t ought to up your monthly budget to preserve remarketing commercials running for longer.

You can use Exclusion Lists as an alternative.

For example, you can use exclude lists to dispose of placements that aren’t proving popular.

To create an exclusion list, go to Tools > Shared Library > Exclusion lists


Then click on on Placement exclusion lists inside the pinnacle header.

Give your new list a call after which select all of the placements you need to exclude.

Trial Dynamic Remarketing Ads

You’ve probable served up static remarketing commercials to customers up until this factor. This approach all customers see the identical ad. However, Google makes it viable to create dynamic commercials that exchange based on who sees them.

Google’s dynamic remarketing commercials use the statistics it gathers on site visitors to create advertisements they may be more likely to click on. Everything can trade, from the photograph to the copy to the link.

It’s a specially effective device for e-commerce stores that want to apply Google’s information to customize product hints. For example, Sierra Trading Post noticed a 5x boom in conversions by means of using Dynamic Remarketing Ads

Follow these commands to create a dynamic remaketing campaign:

Use Automated Bidding

Let Google deal with optimizing your campaign and increase conversions inside the procedure through using computerized bidding.

You can tell Google to cognizance on a selected goal (like maximizing conversions or optimizing cost consistent with acquisition). The search large will then use its facts to serve up commercials to users who’re most possibly to help you meet your goals.

Setting up computerized bidding is straightforward. Follow the campaign advent steps I’ve outlined above, after which at the “Budget and bidding” web page, set your price range and then click the subsequent:

Focus on “High Quality Traffic”

Select “Automatically maximize traffic”

That’s it.

I’ve determined automatic bidding to be tremendously effective. If it isn’t operating for you, you could constantly turn it off again.

Cap How Frequently Users See Your Ads

Did  you may restriction how regularly users see your commercials? You can set frequency caps at a campaign, ad institution, and advert degree, and you can pick whether to set them on a monthly, weekly, or every day limit.

It’s smooth to achieve this once your campaigns are live. Just observe those steps:

The satisfactory way to decide how frequently users see your advertisements depends at the quantity of campaigns you have got strolling concurrently. If you handiest have one campaign, you could have enough money to expose users your ads half of a dozen or so instances consistent with week. If you’ve got several campaigns strolling on the equal time, then reduce that again to more than one instances according to week.

Stop Your Ads Showing Below the Fold

If you need to growth the impact of your ads, you may use the list exclusion settings I mentioned above to prevent your commercials from displaying beneath the fold of an internet page. This can notably growth your conversion fees, however it is able to also suggest you pay greater for famous advert placements.

You can set this up whilst growing your campaign. On the Campaign settings page, scroll right down to the Content exclusions box and click “Below-the-fold” within the Content kind column.


You can also toggle this placing on and off by using clicking the options button at the lowest of your live campaign tab and deciding on Excluded at the Below-the-fold Ad place button.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a remarketing campaign on Google?

Reconnect with customers who have previously interacted with their website or app. They can acquire this through showing centered advertisements to those users as they browse different web sites, use apps, or watch films at the Google Display Network or YouTube.

How do I create a remarketing marketing campaign on Google?

You can create a remarketing campaign on Google both by way of the usage of Customer Match listing for Google Ads—wherein you add an email list of users—or via the use of Google Ads remarketing audiences—which lets you display commercials to a custom designed list of traffic.


Is Google remarketing well worth it?

Given that average conversion quotes are about 2 to four percent for most web sites, going for walks Google remarketing campaigns is actually well worth it for almost any business. Just make sure which you are monitoring your Google remarketing marketing campaign to peer if it supplies a high-quality return on funding (ROI).


There’s an awesome danger that your commercial enterprise will benefit from remarketing. Almost each business can benefit from running a Google remarketing marketing campaign.

And hopefully, after studying this submit, you’ve visible just how many remarketing options are open to you.

Keep in mind, too, that we focused mainly on website visitors here, but, as cited, you could layout your remarketing campaigns to goal humans who’ve used or visited your cell app.

In any case, pick one goal and run a remarketing campaign within the hopes of accomplishing it. Then, if you have some revel in, branch out and try some more adventurous campaigns.


Best of success!

Do you have any remarketing pointers that you can proportion? What labored higher for you—a text advert or an image advert, or both? Please permit me know inside the comments underneath.


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