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Is it appropriate to prevent the ChatGPT browser plugin from visiting your website?

Since ChatGPT released, the debate across the “fair use” of public website content material for AI education – and whether this is plagiarism – has raged.

That debate has handiest gotten louder and extra severe due to the fact OpenAI introduced ChatGPT plugins on March 23.

One of OpenAI’s plugins is an official ChatGPT-hosted net browser. It will permit their fashions to study information at once from the internet.

Since we nevertheless see day by day posts and tweets and activate examples claiming otherwise, it’s really worth repeating here:

The modern example of ChatGPT cannot get entry to something at the net.

It doesn’t use a database or shop content from web sites like a search engine does in an index.

What this indicates is that, with out a plugin, ChatGPT continues to be stuck in 2021, predicting the subsequent word primarily based on its antique training data.

Even the modern Bing implementation is (in a simplified clarification) pulling keywords from your set off, doing a Bing seek, feeding inside the outcomes that would appear for that key-word, after which asking the AI to “summarize” those results.

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