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The maximum temperature in Delhi was 52.9 degrees because of a sensor fault at the Mungeshpur station: IMD

IMD has found that the automated weather station sensor at Mungeshpur became reporting temperatures “about 3 ranges Celsius better than the maximum temperature reported by using the same old instrument.”

When Delhi’s Mungeshpur climate station recorded a maximum temperature of 52.9 levels Celsius on May 29, it turned into because of “malfunctioning of the sensor,” the India Meteorological Department (IMD) has said.

Experts from the IMD have discovered that the automated climate station (AWS) sensor at Mungeshpur become reporting temperatures “approximately three degrees Celsius better than the most temperature suggested by using the same old tool.”

The most temperature of fifty two.9 ranges at Mungeshpur changed into an all-time high for any vicinity in India and this had brought on the IMD to affirm the recording on the station..


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